Immunoglobulins (Serums) for human use from animal source

Immunodeficiency disorders involve problems with the immune system that impair its ability to mount an appropriate defence. As a result, these are almost always associated with severe infections that persist, recur and/or lead to complications, making these disorders severely debilitating and even fatal.

Hyperimmune/Specific immunoglobulins are preparations that contain a high concentration of antibodies to treat particular viruses or bacteria. From animal origin.

Anti tetanus immunoglobulins for intramuscular use

Therapeutic indications:

  • Post-exposure prophylaxis
    Immediate prophylaxis after tetanus prone injuries in patients not adequately vaccinated, in patients whose immunisation status is not known with certainty and in patients with severe deficiency in antibody production.
  • Therapy of clinically manifest tetanus
    Active tetanus vaccination should always be administered in conjunction with tetanus immunoglobulin unless there are contraindications or confirmation of adequate vaccination.

Other specific immunoglobulins from animal source

  • Anti rabies
  • Anti Scorpion
  • Anti Snake

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