Hepatitis B and C place a significant public health burden on the Senegalese population.
Hepatitis B is highly endemic in Senegal. Comparatively, hepatitis C is less endemic but many individuals are still affected. In Senegal, recent studies have assessed the burden of viral hepatitis B and C with a prevalence rate of 8 to 9% for HBV and of 2% for HCV.
The fight against viral hepatitis in Senegal is being led by the National Program Against Hepatitis PNLH. The general objective of the national plan is to significantly reduce the transmission of viral hepatitis B and C, aligning the morbidity and mortality of individuals with  chronic viral hepatitis with the global strategy goals against hepatitis for 2030.
· 90% reduction of new cases of chronic hepatitis B and C
· 65% reduction of deaths associated with hepatitis B and C
· 80% treatment coverage for individuals with chronic hepatitis B and C who are eligible for treatment.
The impact on public health will be significant. Many deaths will be prevented and Senegal will see an even greater reduction of hepatitis B infections, cancer cases, and advanced liver disease.

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